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All Things Fantabulous

I woke up early this morning and had fashion on my mind. I came downstairs (didn’t want to wake my family) and started online window shopping. Guess what I found…..ALL THINGS FANTABULOUS!!!! It seemed as every site I went to have something that had me saying “hmmm…”, “wow!,” “gotta get that!”. All I can say is […]

Celebrities are Going Sheer, Will You Join Them?

Lately in the blogs, I’ve seen a trend of “sheerness”.  Celebrities seem to be going sheer.  Although it is a bit chilly outside you can tastefully expose parts and be in fashion.  Will you partake in this trend? Let me show you what I am talking about.

Beyonce’s New Video “Party”

Beyonce has launched her new video for “Party.”  It’s a fun looking video with a “trailerparkesk” feel.  Tell me what you think.  Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey We Like to Party!!! Did you see any cameos?? Do you like this version of the song with the J. Cole verse or do you like the Andre 3000 verse […]

Fashion Feature: Capes

It seems that one of the IT garments to ensure you have in your closet for this season is Capes. Yep…remember those, well they have definitely made a comeback.  Capes are very classy garment that can dress up any outfit.  Let me show you what I mean.

Feature: Who Designed Your Face?

Celebrities today are doing so much more than focusing their career in one area (such as acting, modeling, singing, etc.), they are really investing in building their brand.  One avenue they are building their brand is by launching make-up lines.  I haven’t tried any of them personally, but if you have feedback on the products I […]

Happy Birthday Monica!!

Happy Birthday to a true R & B Vet, Miss Thang, Monica Brown!!!  You’ve had such an awesome year and we know you brought 31 in fabulously!! We are wishing you all things awesome and fantabulous in the years to come.

Feature: What are You Doing to Raise Awareness About the Ta-Tas?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  During this month as we raise awareness for this disease that is affecting more women in America than any other type of cancer with the exception of skin cancer. The National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation also tells us that, “each year it is estimated that nearly 200,000 women will […]

Quick Post: Leave Beyonce (and Jay-Z) Alone!!!!

Everywhere you turn there is something posted or spoken about Beyonce being pregnant. It is soooo overwhelming for me, so I can only imagine how it affects Beyonce, Jay-Z and their family.  Is she pregnant…she’s faking her pregnancy….. she’s really adopting….. she has a surrogate….OMG!!!! GIVE IT A REST PEOPLE!!! She announced she is pregnant, so […]

Frugal Finds 10.21.2011

Here are the deals we found this week, enjoy the savings!!! $15 OFF $60 or more and Free Shipping Speigel Warm And Fuzzy: SWEATER SALE From $14 + EXTRA 30% OFF! Promo Code: FRIEND30 Neiman Marcus 20% OFF when you purchase one item, 25% OFF when you purchase two items, 30% when you purchase […]

Fashion Feature: Over the Knee (OTK) Boots

Phew!! It’s been a long week!!! When I walked out the house this morning to go to work it was frigid!!! For some reason it made me begin to think about boots and not just any type of boot, I instantly pictured those red OTK boots Laurie Ann Gibson had on that I saw on […]