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About the Authors

Three alpha females (Alphafemme, Femmescribe and Femmefashionista) working to lead the pack! On our journey we want to make sure we empower you to always put your best foot forward and are going to give you tips to do so. It may be a fashion, fitness, music, career, lifestyle tip or it could just be something random, either way it is meant to build our sisterhood.

Alphafemme is a mom, girlfriend, friend, daughter, and a sister with a love for fashion (especially shoes and animal prints), shopping, music (all types), and an occasional (a little more than occasional 😉 don’t judge her) cocktail here or there! She likes to have fun, but she can also step up and be “about that business” if necessary. She has a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA and is currently working as a manager in the IT field. She’s considered to be a blunt person…it’s a gift and a curse. Some people don’t understand her upfront attitude….in everyday life and in the workforce. Because of that she is often called a biotch, but it’s fine with her because she knows that they realize that she is on top of her stuff. If she is passionate about something she does not stop until she reaches her goal.

Femmefashionista is a divorced engineer with a passion for bargain shopping. She is a southern girl coming to grips with being an adult with in the prime of her life who has a lot on her mind and just wants to get it off. She is a friend, daughter and sister. Femmefashionista loves to laugh, hangout with friends, read a good book, spoil her dog, people watch at the park and be a part of good conversation. You know the conversation that just happens when a group of people are in a room and everyone gets revved up and starts talking over everybody else. Sometimes it’s a hot topic that leads to a great debate, sometimes it’s a memory that leads to a great trip down memory lane, it really doesn’t make a difference to her…she loves those moments!

Femmescribe is a single lady with a love for writing. For the most part, she know’s who she is and what she wants. The hard part for her is finding it, getting it, and keeping it. Femmescribe is a busy bee holding down one and a half (a full-time and a part-time) jobs. Although she likes what she does, she acknowledges that no job is without its challenges and challenging people. She is looking forward to moving ahead with her career and possibly finishing up her Master’s. When she’s not working, she’s having fun. She loves spending time with family and friends (who she considers family). She feels that is important for her to fill her life with meaningful things and people. She’s learning how to open herself up to try new things and she’s learning a lot about herself in the process.

All three ladies are a strong, confident, hard-working ladies. They are often described as sarcastic, intelligent, problem solving women. They are basically on top of their stuff. So look through the blog, comment, give tips, and/ or be a guest blogger. We look forward to building with you. Always remember it’s ok to step up because “Sometimes a girl has to take charge!”

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  1. Looks good.

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