Happy 40th Birthday Jada Pinkett Smith

Happy 40th Birthday Jada Pinkett Smith!!! We’ve loved you from A Different World all the way to HawthoRNe.

Quick View: Shoes for the Day

This morning when I was ironing the clothes for my family and the iron stopped working. It magically stopped working (spitting out water and beeping) while I was ironing my pants for work. So of course I had to change my outfit….luckily I had a black cotton blend sheath and red cardigan that didn’t need […]

Acheiving Goals and Relationships

A little more than a month ago, an associate (I thought it was a friend at the time) offered me the opportunity to partner with them. They later became flakey and kept saying things like “I don’t know if I want to continue with the business,” “it was just something I was doing while I […]

Alpha Femme: Where Did the Name Come From?

When I Google the word Alpha Femme, a lot of things other than what I was thinking of when starting this brand are displayed.  It made me realize that this search may make the name a bit misleading to my readers.  If you want to know the real reason the name was chosen read my blog entry on […]

Reality Check…Is it Your Time

I just read an article abot Tami from Basketball Wives needing a reality check.  This may be true, but I think we all occassionally need reality checks.  We are all blessed with individual talents/gifts.  Sometimes we let that cloud our judgement of reality.  Let me give you some examples to tell you what I mean. At […]