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It’s a New Year, 2012 is here

So it’s a new year!!! Well we’re almost a whole week into 2012.  There’s just something about January 1st that makes us analyze the past 365 days of our lives. Even those of us who curse resolutions correlate the start of the new year as the start of something new in our lives. You may […]

Fashion Feature: It’s Like Kandee!!!!!

Twenty-one year old Josh Wayman from the United Kingdom is definitely making headlines with his shoe line. He blends animal prints, bright colors, spikes and crystals on his shoes like no other. I received an email today that stated, “Kandee has released the full collection for Fall/Winter 2011-2012 online now for pre-order, with names, such […]

Fashion Feature: Brain Atwood We Love You!!

Sooooo, I was doing my daily stroll down the shoe lane at Nordstrom website and came across some beautiful shoes!! Today some stood out more than others, I’ve seen them shoes from this designer but didn’t pay attention to the designers shoes collectively.  First I saw this pair (you know I love to get wild):