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It’s a New Year, 2012 is here

So it’s a new year!!! Well we’re almost a whole week into 2012.

 There’s just something about January 1st that makes us analyze the past 365 days of our lives. Even those of us who curse resolutions correlate the start of the new year as the start of something new in our lives. You may call these “new starts” goals, aspiratons, life changes, etc…but they are still resolutions. Whether you make make a list, start a blog, or create a vision board…they are still resolutions. And you know what? There is nothing wrong with that. We need to take some time and look back and reflect on what has passed in order to redirect our plan for the future. Without focused goals how will be ever become the people we want to and are destined to be? We wouldn’t!

So in the spirit of starting anew we’re going to share with you some of the best “improve your life” articles, stories and challenges to inspire you to change something big or small this year.


Almost all of us make a goal to lose weight or to become more fit. The problem is sticking with it, well Ramon “The Trainer” has a solution for you. His company MyFormula360 has issued a 66 day exercise challenge. Formula66 is a challenge to excerise 30minutes for 66 consecutive days in order to create a healthy habit of staying active. To join follow MyFormula360 on Facebook and Twitter.

Do what you can:

Most of us spend quite a bit of time worrying about things we have absolutely no control over. If we would just focus on the things we do have control over and gave the rest of to God (or whatever you believe in) then I believe we could reduce our daily stress tremendessly.  Check out this blog post about the 50 Things You Can Control Right Now from Tiny Buddha

Some of the things I plan to attempt to control:

  • How well I prepare
  • How many times I smile daily
  • How much rest I get a night
  • Whether or not I judge people

Spread out your goals:

Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by grandiose goals for a new year. We can get so overwhelmed by everything we plan, need or want to do that it all falls apart. So take this approach and spread out your goals weekly over the entire year. Here’s a list of 52 Weekly Resolutions . Use these, add your own or come up with your own set of 52 goals.

Health and Wellness:

Check out Dr. Oz’s 28 Day Plan to Renew Your Body, Mind and Soul it includes great tips for eating health, getting active and renewing your mind with 28 practical ways.
Finding Love:
Those of you who rang in the new year alone probably are hoping that this is the year that you’ll find love. So why not do more than hope?  TheDatingTruth lays out the three things she does to develop a Love Plan on her blog, The Dating Truth
Did we miss anything? Any other obstacles you desire to tackle this year? Have you stumbled upon any interesting articles or ? Any particle plan or goals you have set for yourself? Let us know Femme Bots…we want to hear!

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