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Celebrity Style for the Masses

So maybe it’s me but it seems like everywhere you turn there’s another celebrity releasing a clothing line. But more and more the trend is for celebrities to debut their fashions in national retail and department stores. Could this be due to the slump in the economy? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that most people can’t afford to shop in shi-shi boutiques and over-priced specialty stores anymore (if they ever were). Or could it be a ploy for publicity? These clothing lines seem to come out after a public scandal or around the time of an album or movie release or even surrounding a reality show or for branding purposes. At any rate, the target audience is regular folks on a budget and it seems like celebrities are realizing this and capitalizing on it. So here are some of the latest in big names catering to the little people (in no particular order).

The Kardashians Kollection at Sears

The Kardashians are everywhere you turn (especially with the recent fiasco of Kim’s over the top wedding and filing for divorce 72 days later) and if you turn into the mall parking lot, they’re there too. Check out some pieces from their line at the link below.


The Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Collections at Kohl’s

On the heels of a very public divorce, J-Lo and Marc Anthony release lines together at Kohl’s. They may no longer be in a loving romantic relationship, but business comes first. Take a look at what they have to offer.



Sofia by Sofia Vergara at Kmart

Sofia Vergara is best known as the feisty Latina trophy wife on the popular ABC Comedy “Modern Family”. She can now add fashion designer to her resume. Browse her collection below.


So there you have it, just a few of the many celebrity fashion lines marketed toward the masses. Happy shopping.

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