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Weekend Fashion Spottings

This past weekend was homecoming for the college I attended for my undergraduate degree. I had a ball, we partied, talked, laughed, and genuinely had a great time!! Throughout the weekend I was looking at everyone’s fashion. We had a black party on Friday and I wore my Colin Stuart Leather wedges (which by the way were soooo comfortable), a black dress, and my black leather rufffle jacket. I would show you a picture, but I am soo horrible with taking photos of myself (I decided that after this weekend I would do better and try to always take pics). On Saturday night I wore a black one shoulder dress, some black peep toe booties and a red faux leather ruffle jacket. Same story from above. I took some pictures at the parties so I’ll post them once they are uploaded to the site. 😉

The purpose of this blog was not to talk about what I wore, but to let you know about the stand out fashion items I saw throught out the weekend.

Below are pics of some the the items I saw that stood out in my mind. Enjoy my fashion stroll.

This shoe was very popular, it seems like I saw these cute peep toe Aldo pumps everywhere I turned on Saturday night.

Ripped Jeans, gotta love those!!

Of course I saw blazers of ALL types

Backless dresses

Color block dresses

One Shoulder Dresses

leather shorts paired with some hot pumps or OTK boots = awesomeness!!

Bib Necklaces

and last but definitely not least a great accessory for any outfit
(insert mental drum roll here) ……

Smile!!!Have a great day!

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One comment on “Weekend Fashion Spottings

  1. As homecoming season continues, I’m sure we’ll see more of the same; especially the last accessory mentioned. Love it!

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