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Ensuring Your Support…Gravity Is Equal Opportunity

Often times people are always looking to get the “right” outfit with the right shoes and accessories and somehow forget to ensure they have the right support mechanisms in place. What does this mean, well……let’s take a look!

Let’s start at the top.

Thanks to thecrystalcorset.com for the picture

Always make sure you have on the right bra. Sometimes the girls grow a bit, it is important that when they grow you get them sized. As a matter of fact just get sized regularly, even if you don’t think you’ve grown. Most local stores, department stores and all lingerie speciality stores (i.e. Victoria’s Secret) will measure you to ensure you wear the right size. NOTE: Ladies if you are larger than 38DD Victoria’s Secret may not be for you, try Lane Bryant, J.C. Penney, or somewhere else. Once you get your size make sure you get bras that are correct for your shape. You shouldn’t have any side spillage, make sure it doesn’t look like you have 4 breasts and make sure “the girls” aren’t just laying on your stomach.

If you put on your bra and it looks like any of these pictures it is WRONG, and you should immediately go get sized and purchase some NEW Bras!!

You can’t even really tell if she is wearing a bra here, but if you are a victim of this look drop whatever you are doing and go get you some good bras!!!!!!

We all age, and sometimes that aging includes the addition of belly. It’s best to work out to get rid of the belly fat, but just in case you don’t have time, can’t quite loose that extra little bulge there are some great items in the women’s lingerie section to assist you.

Let’s check out what we can do to help out the mid-section.

Look at what spanx, a girdle, slim leggings, and sooo much more can do!!!

Everyone knows you wear panties (well some of us), but we don’t need to see them. Let’s see what I am talking about.

Really…ma’am….really…. your panties are tooooo small!!! Go up 3 sizes!!!

We shouldn’t be able to see the print, style, size….we just shouldn’t see your underwear period. Ma’am, why are you even wearing this outfit???

Instead of looking like these ladies make sure you are fitted for a proper bra, panties, spanx, etc. Nothing messes up a great outfit like a horrible foundation!!!!

Let’s remember to put our best foot forward, get the right foundation (under clothes) because gravity is equal opportunity and you will be exposed!!!

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One comment on “Ensuring Your Support…Gravity Is Equal Opportunity

  1. This was a necessary post. Thank you!

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