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Fashion Feature: It’s Like Kandee!!!!!

Twenty-one year old Josh Wayman from the United Kingdom is definitely making headlines with his shoe line. He blends animal prints, bright colors, spikes and crystals on his shoes like no other.

I received an email today that stated, “Kandee has released the full collection for Fall/Winter 2011-2012 online now for pre-order, with names, such as Lemonade and Bruiser, this collection is already highly regarded by celebrities and fashion journalists. The whole collection is strictly limited edition…..” Basically this means, get them now while they are available.

If you for some reason haven’t seen these shoes, you are definitely missing out!!!! These shoes are so great my words are getting away from me as I think about it soooo let me show you!!! Here is your daily shoegasm….enjoy!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

NOTE: This is a flash slideshow and may not be viewable on some phones. Visit the Kandee Website to see the fantabulousness if this applies to you.

His shoe line in one word AWESOME!!!!!

Visit www.kandeeshoes.com and get yours TODAY!!!! Thanks Josh Wayman for you awesomeness!!!

It’s like candy, I can feel it when you walk, Even when you talk it takes over me, You’re so dandy, I wanna know, Can you feel it too just like I do….. “Cameo”

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