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Acheiving Goals and Relationships

A little more than a month ago, an associate (I thought it was a friend at the time) offered me the opportunity to partner with them. They later became flakey and kept saying things like “I don’t know if I want to continue with the business,” “it was just something I was doing while I wasn’t working,” etc. etc.

So I told the person to take some time and figure out what they wanted to do and she did that. She came back saying she wanted it to be fun, I told her building your business isn’t always fun because it entails a lot of work. She replied, “ok then I don’t want to do it.” I then asked her what did that mean, she said she was going to just do “…..reviews.”

Oh well I guess you can’t work with everyone.  Be careful when working with others and building relationships because you never know a persons motives.  Sometimes as women we become too trusting of others and share too much of ourselves.  If it is your dream keep it for yourself, never invest your time, creativity and/or money in others dreams if you haven’t already done so for yourself.

If a person doesn’t know how to celebrate your milestones, they aren’t really your friend. When they show you glimpses of shadiness don’t excuse it, acknowledge it and realize what you are dealing with.

If this happens to you make sure you don’t harbor anger. Harboring anger does nothing but cripple your success. Be done with it and move on to the next chapter of your life. Make sure you thank them for getting you back on track. Never forget to enjoy your life and don’t forget to LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH!!!!

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