Fashion Feature: Brain Atwood We Love You!!

Sooooo, I was doing my daily stroll down the shoe lane at Nordstrom website and came across some beautiful shoes!! Today some stood out more than others, I’ve seen them shoes from this designer but didn’t pay attention to the designers shoes collectively.  First I saw this pair (you know I love to get wild):

Brian Atwood Metal Heel Leopard Print Pump with Genuine Ostrich Feathers $1450

Then I saw these:

Brian Atwood Genuine Python Platform Pump $995

Of course that started those wheels turning.  I said, “I need to see the entire collection!”  So I went to the Brian Atwood Fall 2011 Collection and literally stared at the picture for 10 minutes.  OMG!!! I am soooo in LOVE!!!!  The shoes vary in color, metal, print, and are all around AWESOME. There are vibrant colors, spikes, prints, suede, feathers and soo much more in this collection.

Chicago born Brian Atwood launched his first collection in 2001 and has been creating these jaw dropping designs ever since. Atwood received his training at F.I.T. and is the first American hired by an Italian designer (Gianni Versace). His shoes have been worn by everyone from Madonna to Sarah Jessica Parker, and even  Nicole Kidman. One day soon I hope to add them to my collection!!! Daycare…shoes….mortgage…shoes.  Well they jury is still out!

Go ahead check out the Fall 2011 Collection (if you’ve seen it already, LOOK AGAIN) and be careful….don’t get drool all over your clothes.

Click on this link and enjoy: http://brianatwood.com/index.php?cPath=6

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3 comments on “Fashion Feature: Brain Atwood We Love You!!

  1. I swear… my must have list is going to wrap the earth soon!!! 😉

  2. Although I love both pair, I have to say the first pair looks so YOU (@AlphaFemme) and that the second pair would be mine as I would incorporate them into so many looks for casual to work to party. I may start a piggy banks for shoes

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