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Fall Reinvention: Let’s Get It!

A few months ago, I wrote a blog entry for a friend.  As I was searching for some pictures, I came across it.  I decided to dust it off, spruce it up and share with you.  Enjoy, it’s some good stuff in here!!

As the seasons change your mind should automatically have you daydreaming about how you are going to embrace the upcoming season.  On of those items of embracement should be a reinvention.  To grow, you have to change and change should include a new look. Celebrities are always reinventing their style, look at Rihanna.  We are always looking to see what she is going to do next and it all started with her bob haircut!

Do you stay on top of the trends and always reinventing your style, do you wait to see what the celebrities are doing, or do you just watch what others are doing and say I wonder if that would work for you? Experiment and find what works for you…switch it up! Reinventing your style will not only give you a well needed boost of confidence it may give you a new sense of direction for increasing your worth.  You may be thinking hmmm…..what are some things I can do, to reinvent myself.  Well….here are some of our suggestions:

  • Get In Shape!!  Sometimes life happens and we forget to take care of ourselves.  Stop now, get in shape…join a gym, get a work out buddy, motivate yourself to get and stay in shape!  Look at how Jill Scott, Jennifer Hudson, Raven Symone and model Tocarra have reinvented their sexy.
  •  Go Shopping!! Find you some staple items. Costume jewelry, shoes, dresses, jumpsuits, belts, scarves, handbags are all items that will help you to reinvent your style.  You can find all types of items in all types of sizes, shapes and colors, go wild and think out of the box.  Who doesn’t like shopping, it’s always nice to shop in a group!
  • Get Your Do Did! Visit your favorite stylist and get a cute cut, add some tresses, go lighter, brighter or darker, get some curls…switch it up.
  • Get Glam! Visit a makeup counter and get a make over and some pointers.  Whatever you do make sure you leave with some new items for your makeup bag.
  • Get Out! and Always Be the Best You Possible! Make sure you always take some time to do just what you want to do.  Make sure you have Girls Night Out, Date Night.
  • Get Focused! Take time daily to reflect on you and your goals. If something is holding you back, get rid of it.  If you’ve hit a hurdle, do your research and keep moving!

Whatever you do, make sure it work for you…now let’s get it!

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